Afghan love story film nominated at Sydney Film festival

An Afghan short documentary film based on true love story has been nominated at Sydney Film festival (SFF) 2014.

Produced and directed by Afghan-Australian filmmaker Amin Palangi, ‘Love Marriage in Kabul’, is a story about an Afghan-Australian woman ManbodaRawi, who fights for a love marriage.

‘Love Marriage in Kabul’ is among 10 Australian documentary films contending for USD 10,000 Documentary Australia Foundation Award.

Rawadi is a Sydney sider who set up an orphanage in Kabul after the death of her son. “The story follows Mahboda Rawi as she fights for a love marriage to happen in Kabul between one of the first orphans she has rescued, and the girl next door,” said Panagi, reported media.

Palangi, who shuttled between Afghanistan and Kabul for documentary film, said he hopes ‘Love Marriage in Kabul’ enlighten audience about the different facets and challenges of marriage.

“The audience that I had in mind for this story was an audience who are not necessarily Afghani to be honest,” said Palangi.

He further said, “I made this film because there were a lot of stereotypes about Afghanistan, especially Afghani women, and I think that through this story – because it is a love story essentially – that Australian audiences and international audiences will hopefully connect with the story in a different way.”

Palangi added that he aimed to show the power of women in Afghanistan through this film. “I am hoping to showcase the enthusiasm and power of this women. When you see the way she negotiates her way around Afghanistan, the way pushes men around, she’s very different to what you would normally see,” added Palangi

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