Photo essay: One-stop-destination for leisure and amusement in Kabul

City Park, a first-of-its-kind recreation park in Deh Mazang area of Kabul is attracting huge number of visitors every day.  Established by a local business entrepreneur in partnership with Kabul Municipality, it has become a one-stop-destination of amusement and recreation for children, women and elderly people.

Built at the whopping cost of 1.3 million USD, the park on the foothills of Zamburaksha was thrown open for public a month ago, just before the Eid. The rush started from day one and has increased tremendously over the past few weeks.

There are a number of amusement rides inside the park, which give visitors excitement and thrill they have experienced before. There are rides for children as well.

The best part about this amusement park is the rush of women, who otherwise are rarely seen in public places. A large number of women can be seen waiting in a long queue outside the park. The rush increases over the weekend.

The park has provided a space to people in Kabul to break free from rigors of daily life and experience fun and enjoyment of normal life.  However, according to some visitors, security in the park remains a matter of concern.

Over the weekend, people come with their families to get amused and entertained in the park. There are some fast food outlets too in the corner of park to eat and indulge.

For youth, there is an area inside the park where they can smoke sheesha and engage in conversations, especially in evenings with gentle breeze blowing around.

For children, there are racing cars, gaming consoles, and small amusement rides inside the park. Children are mostly accompanied by their parents.

The park opens early morning and closes late in the evening. For people in nearby areas, evening is the best time to visit the park when lights are turned on and the mountains around the park present a delightful look.

The park has generated incredible revenue in just one month, but the rush is expected to decrease now with the onset of winter. The winter in Kabul normally starts in late November and goes till mid February.

The location of park is also ideal, because of its proximity with Kabul Zoo and Bagh e Babur. Those who visit this park can also go to other places.

According to Shamsul, a regular visitor, the park has given them something to cheer about. “We used to see these amusement things on television, wondering if we would ever get a chance to visit an amusement park,” he says. “Now, we have one here as well, and it is a wonderful feeling.”

Another visitor, Mariam, says the park has made their weekends more fun. “There are not many places in Kabul where you can enjoy, so this place has made weekends fun.”

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