A woman in Farah kills 25 Taliban insurgents; draws comparisons to legendary Malala

Shocked and shaken by the brutal killing of her young son by the Taliban insurgents, a woman in western province of Farah mowed down at least 25 armed insurgents after engaging them in a fierce gunfight at a police checkpost.

Going by the name Reza Gul, the distraught mother took up gun and rushed to the checkpost to avenge the killing of her son, who was an in-charge of the post.

Speaking to local media, Gul said she was taken aback by the cold-blooded killing of her son and decided to take up arms to take revenge.

The checkpost where her son was posted came under attack of Taliban in the wee hours of the morning, she told a media channel. When the cross-fire intensified, she got worried for the safety of her son. She rushed to the spot, only to find the body of her son lying in pools of blood.

She rushed home, grabbed a gun and started firing indiscriminately at the insurgents from the checkpost where her son was killed.

She rushed home, grabbed a gun and started firing indiscriminately at the insurgents from the checkpost where her son was killed 

She was joined by her other family members including her husband, daughter, younger son and daughter-in-law. 

The fight lasted several hours, during which all the family members led by Gul engaged the insurgents. At least 25 insurgents were killed and many more were injured, according to locals.

Gul’s husband, Abdul Satar, who also serves in the police department, said he is saddened by the death of his son but he is a martyr. “He died for the country and I am also ready to defend my country against these enemies,” he said.

“It was my son’s checkpost and I was committed to give my life but not the checkpost,” he said.

Fatima, their daughter, was supplying them ammunition while the fight was going on. “It was a full-scale war between our family and the Taliban,” she said. Sardar, their young son, also took part by supplying bullets to his father and mother.

“Taliban are the stooges of Pakistan, if they attack 100 more times, I will give my blood but not let them attack our village,” says Sardar.

Social networking sites have been abuzz since the news broke out on Monday. Reza Gul has been hailed as the new Malala of Afghanistan.

There is a fascinating story about Malalai, who came from a small hamlet of Khig and took part in the battle of Maiwand during the second Anglo-Afghan war in 1880s.

According to the legend, when the flag bearer of Afghan battalion fell to ground, this gritty lady took out her veil and used it as a banner to reinvigorate Afghan forces. In the end, British troops had to beat the retreat, handing victory to Afghan forces, thanks to the heroics of this intrepid lady.

She laid down her life on the frontlines but not before inspiring the whole generation of Afghans and inviting comparisons with Jaon of Arc.

Earlier this year, another woman had caught the imagination of country after gunning down armed insurgents in Nuristan province of Afghanistan. Uzra Nuristani killed four Taliban insurgents and wounded several others in Pachiragam village of Bargmatal district on August 4, and carved a place for herself in the annals of history.

According to Col. Baqi, a day before the clashes broke out; a group of Taliban insurgents had raided some villages in Bargmatal district. At least 250 militants carried out the raid in which 15 locals were killed. They caused lot of destruction and the villagers submitted tamely. Nuristani was moved by the plight of her villagers and she decided to raise the banner of revolt.

The gritty woman took her husband’s weapon that was tucked on the wall of their small house and took to battlefield. Her heroics reminded many of Malala, as she gunned down four Taliban insurgents and wounded several others in a display of extraordinary courage.

“This is the land of Malala, our enemies should remember that,” says Reza Gul. 

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