“In Afghanistan, women have become the change makers”

Rokhsaar Azamee is a young Afghan journalist who wants to become a successful diplomat in future

She comes across as a free-spirited, confident and unpretentious young woman.  She speaks eloquently, writes profusely and does not mince her minds. Her strong ideas and compelling arguments have won her lot of admirers, mostly on social networking sites like Facebook.

Rokhsaar Azamee is a young and bright Afghan journalist working with Voice of America’s Afghan bureau. She is also studying law and literature at Mashal University in Kabul and has plans to go abroad for higher education. “My ultimate aim is to become a successful diplomat so I believe a Masters degree in International Relations (IR) will come handy,” says the young lady.

Rokhsaar had her first brush with journalism when she was still in school. “I have always been an ambitious and argumentative girl and the field of journalism was tailor-made for me,” she says. She was fully aware of the challenges a woman journalist has to face in this country and that inspired her to walk the extra mile. “It is not the safest place for journalists, especially young female journalists, but I wanted to break the juggernaut.”

Originally hailing from Logar province, her family moved to Kabul many years ago. She found a job with Ariana Television in Kabul when she was in standard 10 at school. A first member in her extended family to join electronic media, she had to convince her family that journalism was the field for her.

“After my family agreed to it, I went to Afghan TV, which was a prominent news channel that time, but they turned down my application because I was a student,” says Rokhsaar. “That was a very sad day for me, that day I promised myself to make it big.”

Balancing studies and job was another big challenge for her. “It was difficult but somehow I managed to strike a healthy balance,” she says. Rokhsaar is passionate about women’s rights and heads an organization that works for women in Afghanistan.

As a journalist working on ground zero, she is hopeful for the future of country, especially the future of women

“In our country, if a woman drives a car, or sings on television or works in media, it is a big deal,” says Rokhsaar. “There are many simmering issues to be addressed and my organization seeks to spread awareness about women’s rights and promote equal opportunities for women,” she adds. Her organization provides educational scholarships to women.

As a journalist working on ground zero, she is hopeful for the future of country, especially the future of women. “Over the years, we have seen women don the mantle of change makers and that gives me great hope, there is no stopping them now,” says Rokhsaar.

She is also hopeful about the future of media in Afghanistan. “One area in which we have seen tremendous progress in past one decade is media, and now everyone understands the power of media, which is considered the fourth pillar of society,” says Rokhsaar.

She has many dreams for her country. “I want to contribute to my country in whatever way I can, and I am determined to chase my dreams against all odds,” says the young prodigy. 

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