Meet the Bruce Lee of Afghanistan: Bruce Hazara

He bears striking resemblance to one of the greatest martial artists ever, Bruce Lee.  Like Lee, he is free-spirited, talented and passionate about martial arts. He has been learning Chinese martial arts, colloquially referred to as Kung Fu, and emulates Lee by watching his movies and reading about him.

He calls himself the Bruce Lee of Afghanistan.

Meet Abulfazl Abbas Shakoory, aka Bruce Hazara, from Kabul. The young Kung Fu practitioner, who turned 20 this September, is creating flutter these days after his pictures went viral over social networking sites.

The pictures, showing him practicing difficult Kung Fu moves in front of the historic Darul Aman Palace in Kabul, have metastasized through reposts on Twitter and Facebook.

In one of the pictures, he shows off a Kung Fu move, which is reminiscent of Lee in his young days. 

With magnificent Darul Aman Palace in the background, Bruce Hazara shows his strong reflexes and body mechanics, which are considered important for martial arts training.

Like Lee, he stretches his lean and lanky body, then strikes and jumps with effortless ease. In one of the pictures, he shows off a Kung Fu move, which is reminiscent of Lee in his young days.

He calls Lee his “children hero” and “only dream” who inspired him more than anyone else. From his early days, he tried to emulate Lee by watching his movies and carefully copying the style and personality of the legendary pop culture icon of the 20th century.

The 20-year-old staunchly admires and hero-worships Lee. Belonging to Hazara tribe, he proudly calls himself Bruce Hazara. He says he cannot be exactly like his hero, but he will continue to learn and grow.

Owing to his fascination for anything remotely related to Lee, he also learnt Nunchaku, a traditional Japanese martial arts weapon consisting of two sticks and a short iron chain.  

While growing up, he faced many economic hardships but his father was always supportive and encouraged him to train. Now, since past four months, he has been playing Wushu, a full-contact sport from the school of Chinese martial arts.

In one of the Wushu competitions in Kabul recently, he earned the top rank in his category.

Bruce Hazara wants to continue training and practicing Kung Fu and rightfully be known as the Bruce Lee of Afghanistan. 

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