Former president Karzai arrives in China for two-week visit

China is becoming the preferred destination for Afghan politicians as they seek to strengthen ties between the two countries.

After President Ashraf Ghani’s much-publicized trip to China late last month, the former president Hamid Karzai arrived in Beijing on Tuesday for two-week visit.

It is Mr. Karzai’s second foreign trip since he has relinquished his chair as the president of Afghanistan. He spent a week in India recently during which he also attended the Hindustan Times annual leadership summit.

According to sources in Mr. Karzai’s office, he received an invitation from Chinese government.

He is likely to hold meetings with high-level Chinese government officials during the two-week visit and also address some conferences.

President Ghani also visited China last month in a bid to seek support of government in Beijing.  He held meetings with top political leadership and business entrepreneurs in China and discussed business and trade with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

He is likely to hold meetings with high-level Chinese government officials during the two-week visit and also address some conferences

“China is a strategic partner for us on multiple levels, this trip is based on that previous foundation, but it is about deepening and broadening of this relationship, making the new silk route happen,” President Ghani said.

He also spoke about the need to rebuild Silk Road trade route, which was the main route for Asian countries to do business for many centuries. He paid tribute to the growing ties between Afghanistan and China.

China is currently one of the fastest growing economies and a global power. Experts believe it is important for the new government in Kabul to bolster ties with China.

China is also expected to play a key role in facilitating peace in Afghanistan by pressuring Pakistan to cooperate with the new government in Kabul.


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