Failure of Afghan Parliament in electing capable woman as Minister of Mines and Petroleum

Afghan Women’s Network Press Release

Despite the government commitments for women’s political participation, we observe that the realization of these commitments is facing severe obstacles. This results in weakening of women’s inclusion in leadership and decision making of the government structures.
We express our deep concerns about failure of parliament in giving votes of confidence to Ms.Nargis Nehan, the Minister designate for the Ministry of Mines and petroleum (MoMP).
Ms. Nargis Nehan, in the past eight months was able to perform with best of her ability and achieve commendable results in fighting corruption, pursuing reforms for bringing good governance and creating effective management systems in MoMP that has led towards best use of Afghanistan’s natural resources for economic stability and progress. Her 8 months of reforms and struggles have been widely ignored by the parliament through their voting process on 04 December 2017.
Ms. Nehan is one of the leading managers who despite of securing 107 vote of confidence from the real representatives of people in the Parliament, but unfortunately has been treated with prejudice and gender discrimination by number of sexist members in the parliament. The Parliament has repeatedly failed to elect strong and empowered women who have in principal chosen professionalism over nepotism such as Palwasha Hassan, Najiba Ayubi, Anisa Rasoli, Nasrin Oryakhai and Farida Mohmand. This demonstrates parliament’s inability and their unwillingness to support women’s progress and acceptance in leadership positions.
We women have fought for women quota seats in the parliament during the Constitutional Loya Jirga process and because of the quota today we have 68 women in the Lower House of the parliament. Our expectations from women parliamentarians are to use their votes through open and transparent process and support where competent women are introduced for vote of confidence.


Recommendations to the Leaders of National Unity Government:

We demand continuation of Ms. Nargis Nehan as acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum as pursuit previous cabinet ministers. Ms. Nehan’s efforts are widely recognized by women and men, those who fight for ending of corruption, bringing of good governance and efficient management.
We demand holding of timely and transparent parliamentary election so that real representative of people is elected who can support women and men through justice and without discrimination.
We call on the National Unity Government, parliament and all citizens to avoid discriminatory, weak and subjective actions against women and put an end discrimination against women

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