Afghanistan: Watanam, Azizam, Jaanam, Iftikhaaram

​Watanam. Azizam. Jaanam. Iftikhaaram.

I discovered you amidst the dust and rubble. You were buried deep, your beauty hidden from the world. 

I discovered you amidst the confusion and sorrow. You hung your head in dismay, you were badly hurt.

I discovered you amidst the fighting and killing. You covered your ears, you didn't like the sound of death. 

I discovered you amidst the anger and pain. You cried in agony, as you witnessed sacrifices being made in your name. 

I discovered you at the worst of times, but I am glad. 

I will rebuild you, brick by brick.
I will mend you, wound by wound. 

I will fight a million battles. 

I will shed a thousand tears.

I will cut a hundred slits. 

If I must. 

I crave to see your smile. 

Fatima Nayimi is an Afghan-British high school student. She tweets here.