‘Peace-building is the shared responsibility of all Afghans’, says Paktika governor

Many religious scholars, tribal elders and civil society activists in southeastern province of Paktika called on the government and people of Afghanistan to accelerate efforts toward sustainable peace.
The event was held in Sharana district of the province, and attended, among others, by provincial governor and many provincial council members.
Participants discussed how war and insecurity have affected the economy and social life in Afghanistan, and requested the international community to continue their support to country-wide peace efforts.
Provincial governor Aminullah Shariq called on all Afghans to join the peace process.
“Restoration of peace is not only the job of the president, the governor and the United Nations, but it is a shared responsibility of all Afghans,” he said.
Gulbaz Khan, a tribal elder from Gayan district, echoing the comments made by Mr. Shariq, stressed that the peace negotiations should be a bottom-up process beginning from the district level.
The meeting was organized by UN’s regional office, which has organized similar meetings in Khost and Paktya too.