Afghans 4 Post 2014

The year 2014 has been in the news for quite some time now. Many pundits from across the world have been painting the doomsday scenario in the wake of withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan in 2014. We spoke to many Afghans to understand their hopes and apprehensions and what they think is in store for them and the country post 2014. So in that spirit of coming together to preserve the gains of the last decade and work for a secure and united Afghanistan, we want to invite all Afghans and others who are interested in better Afghanistan around the world to speak by recording a one minute or less video of themselves telling the world: 1) that Afghanistan has made great progress; 2) that Afghanistan is getting better; and 3) what you will do for Afghanistan to make her a prosperous, peaceful and united country. We are not looking for anything fancy, simply use your webcam or smartphone, but make sure that the size is not bigger than 5 mb. Please email your videos to

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