In conversation with Dr. Ismail Wardak


“I feel I am duty-bound to serve my people in Afghanistan”

A large majority of educationists and professors have been forced out of this war-ravaged and beleaguered nation in the last one decade that has been marked by political uncertainty and guerilla warfare. 
Living in exile today, many of them teach at world-class universities and are known to be globe-trotters. Although they have accomplished much more in their adopted countries, their heart still beats for their home country. 
Meet one such pioneer, Dr. Ismail Wardak, who has revolutionized the healthcare delivery in the world with his painstaking research and invented an innovative medical device that reduces the cost and time of broken bones recovery by 80 per cent. 

Afghan Zariza: Can you briefly tell us about your academic background?
Dr. Ismail Wardak: I had my primary education from Aziz Afghan High School in Kabul and after that I joined the Military High School. I graduated in 1983 and found my way to Kabul Medical Faculty (now Kabul Medical University), in 1986. In 1992, I passed out from Kabul University and started working with Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan Hospital in Kabul, and later moved to the United States, Germany and India and worked there for many years.
In my career spanning two decades, I have worked with various Afghan hospitals as an orthopedic surgeon and performed thousands of successful surgeries.
AZ: You have invented a medical device for broken bones; will you give us some insight into that?
Dr. Wardak: I spent almost one decade in making the device. We use it to treat the patients with broken knees. This is a very simple device that enables patients with broken knees to normally walk in a span of two weeks.
It is a one-of-its-kind device with simple mechanism, recognised and approved by global specialists. It is known as ‘Afghan Medical Device’, introduced in an international conference in Afghanistan.
AZ: Did you invent the device all by yourself or was it a result of collective effort of many people?

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