In past 12 years, large chunks of public land have been illegally grabbed, mostly by powerful people at the behest of government, and no legal action has been initiated against them
In June last year, a parliamentary commission on supervising government’s activities made a stunning disclosure that about 1,290,000 acres of lands have been grabbed by 15,000 powerful people across Afghanistan. After conducting the survey for six months, the commission alleged that most of the land grabbers were supported by a network of government officials. The 2,500-page report figured 15,000 individuals allegedly involved in grabbing land worth 7 billion USD, mainly in Helmand, Balkh, Kabul, and Herat provinces.
According to the commission, 94 residential towns out of 350 towns have been illegally constructed in the country. “Unfortunately, land grabbing has continued in past 12 years and it is mostly done by powerful government officials,” Zalmai Mujadidi, head of the commission, was quoted as saying.

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