Lack of political will to implement laws and lack of public awareness regarding constitutional rights has resulted in shoddy implementation of the Constitution, and experts believe Independent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of Constitution (ICOIC) has failed to serve its purpose
ndependent Commission for Overseeing the Implementation of Constitution (ICOIC) came into force based on Article 157 of Afghan Constitution following the presidential decree in 2010. It sought to oversee the implementation of Constitution, a task that has become more significant in recent times because of the manipulative forces at work.
ICOIC has a specific budget that is revised each year based on activities of the Commission. According to Gul Rahman Qazi, former Chairman of ICOIC, the budget for 2013-14 was 68 million Afs, a year after the Constitution was formally approved. Almost ten years after it was formally adopted by a congregation of tribal leaders, Afghan constitution is yet to be fully implemented. The lack of political will and unwanted interference of outside forces has prevented full implementation of the Constitution.

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