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Rules of Engagements
Updated on April 8, 2014

If you choose to use www.afghanzariza.com and/or www.afghanmillennium.com, for comments, classified registration, RSS, and other usages, then you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.

We have outlined the terms and conditions that govern the use of the Afghan Zariza websites which are offered to you which terms and conditions may be changed from time to time without notice and will take effect immediately upon posting them on this page. It is your responsibility to review this page prior to using our website.  If you are not happy with these rules, you may choose not to visit our website and not to avail yourself of our services.

1.    Contents:  Visiting and/or using our websites contains contents including, but not limited to, news, features, reports, analyses, surveys, photographs, videos, and cartoons that are protected by copy right laws, and are owned by the Afghan Zariza.  You may not modify, change, use, re-publish, transmit, sell, and reproduce without the written permission of the Afghan Zariza.

2.    User Contents:  This information is generally generated by the users of our website by posting comments and free classifieds sections.  You shall not engage in, or publish any comments and/or materials on our websites if it contains any of the following:

a.    Profanity
b.    Personal attacks
c.    Hate speech
d.    Pornographic
e.    Libelous
f.     Defamatory
g.    Obscene
h.    Abusive
i.     Immoral
j.     Illegal

You agree and should be:

-  Courteous by not using language or materials enumerated above.
-  Respectful by making everyone feel welcome and comfortable to use and not engage in attacks or use any items listed above.
-  Debate the issues you are interested in and not lodge an attack or use any of items listed above.
-  Commercial usage of the services are not permitted and no solicitations of any kind is permitted unless provided for and expect the free service in the classified section.
Submissions (comments, pictures, videos, etc.) will first be reviewed by us and in some cases may be edited, modified, deleted, displayed, published, posted by us in a manner not agreeable to you, and you waive any rights you may have under any laws including the United States.    
-  Responsibility lies with you on any submission, and Afghan Zariza cannot review every single submission or post, however, Afghan Zariza reserves the right to delete, move, edit, or remove any posting and/or submission to our website in its sole discretion and pursuant to any of the items enumerated above.